LISTA drawer storage walls are perfect for storing large, heavy single items or a large number of small items and keeping them clearly organised and protected from dust and dirt.

All add-ons, drawers, pull-out shelves and adjustable shelves can be freely combined with one another. This enables a wide variety of different types of installation – even inside trucks and containers. The necessary changes can be made simply by reorganising the individual elements. This means that you can adapt your system to new logistics requirements at any time.

Adaptable to new storage items

Possible through flexible integration and rearrangement of drawers and and adjustable shelves


Swing-out and sliding safety ladders allow easy access to the upper shelves and drawers

Secure locking

A choice of roller shutters, hinged doors or spacesaving sliding doors, optionally with viewing windows

Utmost stability

Robust, sturdy design with a load capacity of up to 5.5t per shelving unit

Large storage capacity

Minimum footprint space requirement since shelves can be up to 8.50m high

Vertical pull-outs

Space-saving and user-friendly solution with direct access to the stored goods from both sides

Heavy-duty pull-outs

Load capacities of up to 350kg for especially large and heavy items

A wide variety of options

A range of different pull-outs and shelves