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Gan Teck Kar Investments Pte Ltd (GTK) was started by food-loving folks who wanted to share their foods from other parts of the world with peoples in South East Asia.

Its present core business is the importation and distribution of premium food products in Singapore and Malaysia with business partners around Southeast Asia region.

To further their mission, Rotomatik Singapore was called upon to supply them with workspace solutions to supply and install a range of storage and workbench systems to the leading F&B company.

It has acquired a number of state-of-the-art LISTA products including compactor located in the office and a host of other equipment used in the workshop.

LISTA Compactor

LISTA Compactor

Compactor (Mobile Shelving System)

The system, length 10 metres, depth 2.4 metres and height 2.4 metres, is used to store archived files. There are 3 wagons (each mobile shelf) which can be locked independently or the 3 wagons can be locked as a whole.

The wagon can be mobilised with very little effort. The equipment will facilitate the staff not only to optimise the storage of files but fast retrieval as well.

Workbenches with Drawer Cabinets

Workbenches & Drawer Cabinets

12 workbenches are arranged in 4 U-shape configuration to allow their technical staff to service coffee machines. Every workbench has a perforated panel and LED lighting.

To each workbench is attached a drawer cabinet which may be unlocked by the staff company access card using RFID technology.

The configuration as well as general arrangement of the workbenches are ergonomically designed to minimise fatigue and promote productivity.

Most of all the LED lighting ensures sufficient light without glare. The perforated panel is a great system which allows tools to be within reach.

Clothing Lockers

Clothing Lockers

The company encourages its employees to actively participate in sports. And clothing lockers located near the tennis court are provided for the purpose.

The lockers are designed such that they discourage burglary with a range of locking systems.

With plain interior shelving, it is easy to clean the compartments thoroughly.


Vertical Pull-out Cabinet

Vertical Pullout Cabinet

The LISTA cabinet provides space-saving storage for tools, supplies and other materials.

This is a versatile system which allows tools to be hung on the perforated panel. The panels can be pulled out to retrieve tools swiftly with little tool downtime.

There is secure locking thanks to the front cover or hinged door with key lock or code lock electronic combination lock.

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Engineering Ergonomic with LISTA Heavy-Duty Shelving

MTU Asia

Heavy-Duty Pull-out Shelving

MTU Asia is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large diesel engines and complete propulsion systems. Together with MTU Onsite Energy, MTU is one of the leading brands of Rolls-Royce Power Systems. Its robust and durable engines reliably propel large ships, heavy agricultural and rail vehicles and industrial applications.

The company needed a storage system which allows it to carry parts weighing 1 tonne. After a detailed analysis of the work processes, a LISTA 3-tier heavy duty pull out shelving was proposed to and accepted by the customer.

Due to the superb design, the small effort needed to pull out the laden shelf belies the heaviness of the load. Hence, training was given to the customer to ensure that they need to be constantly vigilant with the handling of parts.

To aid in the lifting the part on and off each shelf, a slewing jib crane is installed close to the shelving unit.