The high level of flexibility and modularity of the LISTA NC products provides optimal logistics solutions. This means that the potential for rationalisation around machine tools can be fully exploited. The extensive product range covering tools and measuring equipment ensures a holistic approach to the task. Not just storage, but also transport and handling of tools and equipment are within its scope.

Safe, neat & orderly storage

High-quality inserts made from break-proof, impact-proof and oil-resistant ABS material tailored to hold your cutting tools

Optimum use of space

These high-capacity systems are not only space-saving, but the tools are just where you need them – right next to the machine

Customised & easy to assemble

Tool holders with snap fasteners allow tool-free insertion and removal with ease

User-friendly & ergonomic

Tool holders can be fitted at an angle and shelves and drawers can be pulled out easily

Secure transport

Robust and stable design eliminating toppling